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Reading again

Task 2 Questions 7-15
Read the text about an ice hotel and decide whether the statements about the text are
true (T), false (F), or there is no information (NI). Tick (√) the right box. An example
(0) has been done for you.
Arctic Ice Hotel
Located 125 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, JukkasjÀrvi is a window
into Europe’s last great wilderness area. The vast northern land has crystal blue lakes,
mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, fast rivers, and extensive forests. Lapland is a vast
region of land that extends across the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland,
and Russia. Swedish Lapland occupies about half the entire landmass of Sweden.
Swedes know the area as Norrland.
The famous Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year and is open from December till
April. The peak season is mid-January to April. The hotel is demolished in May.
Everything in the hotel is made from ice, including coffee tables, chandeliers,
glasses, and even the beds. Guests are provided with cold weather suits and sleeping
bags. Beds are draped with reindeer skins to keep you warm at night.
Ice is cut using a special ice saw. It normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete the
construction. Some 30,000 tonnes of packed snow and 1,200 tonnes of ice are used.
Once built the hotel maintains a constant interior temperature of –5 to –7C.
There is no heating in the hotel. Warmth is maintained by burning candles and
through the body heat of guests and staff. Clothing is important. You will need robust
outdoor clothes that can cope with snow and cold weather. Thermal underwear, jeans,
pants, winter jackets, hats, socks, and hiking boots are all essential.
The single storey hotel can accommodate 100 people. Most rooms are of
standard design and can sleep between four and eight people. The floor plan normally
includes a bar, sauna, restaurant, and a chapel – popular for weddings and
The only thing lacking is bathroom facilities. These are located in an adjoining
building. Despite what would appear to be physical privations, the Ice Hotel last year
attracted 3,000 guests and over 20,000 visitors.
But if you’re not up to sleeping on an ice bed you can stay at the nearby
Wardshuset Inn, a traditional guesthouse which operates all year round. And don’t
worry about the Ice Hotel collapsing around your ears. The construction has been
approved by the Swedish military – their rocket-propelled grenades had little impact
on the wall.
The hotel can arrange plenty of daytime activities, including snowmobiling,
dog sledging, and skiing.
PART TWO Time: 25 minutes
READING Points: 15
(0) Lapland is one of Europe’s biggest wild areas. √
(7) Lapland is an area that covers one third of Sweden.
(8) The Ice Hotel is newly constructed every year.
(9) Animal furs keep you warm in bed at night.
(10) Some furniture is made of ice.
(11) Hotel is heated by fireplaces.
(12) A hundred different nations have visited the hotel.
(13) There are only single rooms at the hotel.
(14) All bedrooms have adjoining bathrooms.
(15) The Swedish Army has tested the security of the building.
(7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) No of points:
For the